Thursday, January 28, 2016

This Winter Hasn't Been Terrible, But...

I can't complain about this winter. Compared to last year this time it is almost like living in Hawaii the Carolinas. I still have to get the scoot over to my buddy's shop. I lucked out finding this bike at a swap meet in a couple of pieces. She hasn't let me down yet for a couple years and about 30,000 miles.

This year I want her to look nice too. New wheels as the spokes didn't hold out too good when you ride after the salt drops no matter how good you think you hosed it off. Thinking about throwing a 95' kit to give her a little more displacement, but then again she isn't leaking and the new gear drive cams lets me keep up with the guys making payments at least on the short haul. I need to get rid of those awful turn signals too. I may as well run the wires through the 16" apes. I could go on for hours if I had the money.

 The main thing is being ready by the middle of March here in Ohio. It is my favorite time to ride. Bundled up in warm leather, your face feeling like it will be frozen stuck, and the hardy brothers and sisters riding passing each other with a subtle nod and a knowing glance. Seventy degrees will be here soon enough and with it the weekend warriors riding with the price tags dangling out of the sleeve of their brand new HD leather jackets with matching jeans boots and bandannas Harley Davidson Men's Multifunctional Headwear. That is if the dealer has their scheduled fluid replacement and scheduled service done before the throngs hit the service departments clogging the service schedules for weeks. Yes sir nothing like paying three hundred bucks for a $20 filter and five quarts of oil and 30 minutes of reading your service manual.

No matter what your summer time passion is, you had better start planning. I have a good feeling it might be an early spring for once. Then again, I have shoveled my driveway here in the middle of May before.

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