Saturday, February 20, 2016

An Open Letter To Harley With Riding Season Coming Up

I myself have been looking at the new Victorys. From a maintenance standpoint they seem to make a lot of sense. For example, when you have to take a stator off a Harley It is a pain in the ass project. It sits behind the front pulley in the primary. When you take it out you need an extra set of hands if you want your chains and pulleys to stay intact. Not an impossible job, but a pain in the ass. On a Victory, the stator is still on the front pulley, but it is the first thing that comes off and a relatively simple job. Overall it seems a lot less work to own a bike that sems to require a lot less maintenance period. Polaris has done a great job.

I do not have the money for a new bike, but a Victory is about as American as Harley when it comes to percentage of parts made in the USA, and its parent company Polaris worries a lot less about selling shirts than it does making quality motor products. Something to think about when I get the cash for a new bike.

By: James “Topfuel”Macecari

Harley has been “King of the Road” for 113 years, many of its competitors have come and went, it fought two World Wars, faced down a Great Depression. The list goes on and on what this great American Icon has wrestled with for the title “King of the Road”. Every kid growing up riding a bicycle at some point or another wanted that bicycle to be a Harley Davidson, I know when I was a kid I wanted mine to be, I use to look up to the Bikers that lived on my street in amazement.                    Read more:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

It Is Coming

I am starting to believe we are just surrounded by too many retards.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Speak into the mike

This is how lying politicians are dealt with in New Zealand. Hillary might like it though.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Tragedy In Biker World

I have been waiting to comment on this until some more facts come out. It look similar to a case in Florida involving this same biker gang. I use this term gang intentionally instead of club for a good reason. One of the clubs involved in the shooting will probably take the wrath and it wil not be the Iron Order.

One of the tenets of the biker community of legitimate clubs is you do not involve the general public in your problems if you can avoid it.  Another is you take care of your own problems without going to the police. That is unless one of the clubs IS the police.

There are many police clubs that are above board and openly admit they are an LEMC (Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club). They usually sport a 99% diamond patch and you need to be a cop to join. The Iron Order is not that way. They allow law enforcement officers to join, and then try to play like they are an ordinary club with the caveat if they get rowdy or stir up trouble, they can hide behind their badge knowing their law enforcement background will give them the edge during any investigation.

If you are approached by this club to join or for any reason, realize who you are dealing with. It may be best to say "Good day, officer." It looks like they may get away with murder again.